EUDX Contest – 4th edition

Dear Contesters,
We are delighted to present to you the rules for the 4th edition of the EUDX Contest.
In just a few years, the participation in the EUDX Contest has experienced remarkable growth. In the 2023 edition, we received a total of 1981 logs, a significant increase from the 1281 logs in 2022, setting a new record. Among these logs, 1226 were from European Union stations, and 755 were from DX stations. Astonishingly, almost two-thirds of the submissions were received in the first 24 hours after the contest, resulting in a staggering total of 493,000 QSOs.
The highest number of participants from European Union countries was in Germany with 233, followed by Italy with 159 and Poland with 115. In the DX-countries category, Russia led with 168 participants, followed by Indonesia with 143, and the USA with 91.
For the 2024 edition, we have the ambitious goal of surpassing 2000 logs.

This is a 24-hour contest in SSB and CW modes, taking place on the first full weekend of February. The objective is to make contacts with European Union regions, each worth 10 points/QSO, serving as both a multiplier and a scoring element. However, due to the international nature of the competition, participants can make QSOs with anyone.
There is a wide variety of categories available, allowing participants to choose the one that best suits their needs. The exchange information for European regions consists of the RST report and the distinctive code of each European call area, composed of two letters and two numbers (available on the rules page).
For other stations, the exchange will include RST and the ITU Zone.
Come on, all that’s left is to participate enthusiastically in this wonderful competition under the colors of the European flag.
Best regards,
Francesco IK6QON
EUDX Contest Manager