Public Logs

Starting in 2023, The EUDX Contest has taken a significant step towards enhancing transparency by making submitted logs publicly accessible. This initiative marks a steadfast commitment to providing participants with resources for refining their strategies and techniques through the study of these logs.

To uphold the privacy of participants, all logs have undergone a meticulous process where the ADDRESS and EMAIL fields have been systematically removed. Furthermore, efforts have been made to identify and eliminate any email addresses found within the SOAPBOX section.

The logs made available to the public are presented in their original, unaltered state, precisely as utilized during the log checking process. Presented in Cabrillo format, these logs can be easily accessed and reviewed using any standard text editor or viewer. This initiative not only fosters a culture of openness within the contest but also empowers participants to delve into the intricacies of log submissions, thereby enriching their overall contest experience.

View EUDX CONTEST 2023 logs